Snowman is a small studio at the centre of artful experiences. Whether as a developer or creative partner, our goal has always been the same: to create meaningful experiences that you may sit with for a short time, but that sit with you for a long while.

Founded in 2012 with the release of the to-do app Checkmark, we went on to launch Shifts, Circles and Super Squares before collaborating with Harry Nesbitt on Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey. In September 2019, Snowman released Where Cards Fall and Skate City exclusively on Apple Arcade. Skate City became available on PC and console in May 2021, with Where Cards Fall set to arrive on PC and Nintendo Switch soon after.

In May 2021, Snowman introduced Pok Pok, a new studio centred around creative, play-based learning experiences for kids. Their first app, Pok Pok Playroom, is a digital playroom of educational toys that spark creativity and learning through open-ended play.

On the horizon is DISTANT; our collaboration with Slingshot and Satchel.

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Ryan Cash, Founder & Creative Director


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