Snowman is a small studio at the center of artful experiences. Whether as a developer or creative partner, our goal has always been the same: to create meaningful experiences that you may sit with for a short time but that sit with you for a long while.

Founded in 2012, Snowman made their debut with the release of the to-do app Checkmark and later went on to launch Shifts, Circles and Super Squares.

Shortly after, they worked with Land & Sea on the critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey. Special editions of the original games were later brought to Apple Arcade with Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City releasing in 2021 and Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain in 2022.

Snowman also worked with The Game Band to release Where Cards Fall as well as with Agens on Skate City in conjunction with the launch of Apple Arcade in September 2019. Both games are now also available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, The Epic Games Store and Steam.

In September 2022, Snowman launched their first partnership with Netflix in the vertically-scrolling platformer, Lucky Luna. Their latest title, Laya’s Horizon, was released in May 2023 on both iOS and Android also through Netflix.

Some of our most exciting projects and collaborations have come from chance encounters, so don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello!

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